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Our Services

Our primary objective is to work with Schools/Academies, Parents/Carers and Pupils to support regular and punctual attendance of all compulsory school aged children so that they can reach their full potential.

We understand the causal effect of attendance and punctuality on attainment and the challenges this presents to Schools/Academies. Our proactive approach ensures early intervention to enable Schools and Academies to target pupils who they believe to be underachieving.

This not only raises the standard for individual pupils but also for the School as a whole.
Our skilled Attendance Advisory Officers provide on-site and remote support, ensuring a friendly professional and consistent service.

Attendance Matters

We provide a bespoke service to meet the needs of schools and academies to secure improved attendance and meet Ofsted’s targets and requirements.

Referral Management

Early intervention through a streamlined referral process targeting all attendance below 96% as well as poor punctuality.

School Support

We provide advice, training and support on all attendance matters including CME.

Legal Process

We complete the administration of Penalty Notice’s and all Court documentation to the highest of standard providing the Local Authority with the best possible chance of a successful prosecution.