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I have been delighted with the service we have received from SEAAS and the impact on our attendance, for all pupil groups, has been really positive.

Chris Jackson

Head of School, Kings Farm Primary School

SEAAS have been absolutely invaluable to our school in terms of driving up attendance. The advice we are given and the sessions we have with our Attendance Advisory Officer really help to target some of our vulnerable families. The constant monitoring and follow up of issues has been excellent. I totally recommend this company to deal with attendance in a busy school.

Mrs Kathryn Duncan

Head of School, Chantry Community Academy

We have worked with SEAAS for two years now and are now in our third year.  We had very positive results last year with our Attendance Advisory Officer who worked alongside our FLO to support families with getting their children into positive attendance routines.

One key thing to note is that SEAAS can’t do everything for a school with regard to attendance.  It has been useful to have someone dedicated to tracking attendance and supporting us with tackling those families who have been very difficult to reach via the normal supportive routes but we have had to ensure we are putting in place the support and positive incentives for attendance too.  Having an attendance ‘expert’ on hand to give guidance and support has been invaluable.  

Since SEAAS have worked with us to improve our attendance we’ve jumped from 93.7% to 96.2% attendance which puts us above the national average.

Louise Hopkins

Headteacher, Westlands Primary School

After just one year working with SEAAS, the impact is clear: fewer pupils are late and attendance figures have improved.  We have been able to re-engage those hard-to-reach parents and tackled any persistent absentees.  The partnership has been easy and the company provides challenging but supporting advice for parents.  The advice and guidance through the legalities of attendance has been invaluable.  Despite tight budgets, I would strongly recommend using SEAAS to tackle this difficult area.

Mrs Ruth Doughty

Headteacher, Culverstone Green Primary School

Our partnership with SEAAS has made an incredible difference, to not only our whole school attendance figures, but they have served to improve the attendance of some of our most vulnerable children.

We have loved their support and our attendance officer has had tough conversations with many parents to ensure that they truly value the importance of high levels of attendance and the positive impact this has on their children’s well-being and progress. Last year our attendance figure increased from 96% to 98%! We will continue our association with SEAAS for years to come. We wholeheartedly recommend their support!

Jacqui Saunders

Headteacher, Cobham Primary School

“We have been working with SEAAS for the past year as a means of reaching the parents of children who are persistently absent in particular.

We have been delighted with the way in which our allocated Advisor has worked with parents and the school to raise the profile and importance of good attendance as a means of being aspirational for their children’s futures. Our SEAAS Advisor has met with parents at school and in their homes and where appropriate has signposted them to services that could possibly help them with their difficulties.

SEAAS are efficient and effective and they ensure that the school has all the relevant and up-to-the minute data and information we may need.”

Nicole Caulfield

Executive Headteacher, Riverview Infant & Junior Schools

“We have worked with SEAAS for over a year. They have committed, professional and knowledgeable staff who are not afraid to be consistently consistent with chasing poor attenders. As a result of their input with the school our overall attendance has increased. For the first time ever our Term 1 figures for this year have gone over 96%.”

Mrs Shubrook

Head Teacher, Westcourt Primary & Nursery School

“I was very lucky to inherit SEAAS, when I arrived at Poverest Primary School and the journey of improvement they had already established has continued. Having that external person who parents don’t see at any other time does make a difference and this is reflected in our ever improving attendance figures. “

Ms Sally Weeks

Head Teacher, Poverest Primary School

“We have been using the services of SEAAS now for a year and have seen a huge improvement in the importance of attendance in the whole school environment. SEAAS have worked in harmony with our existing attendance office and enabled them to process data and be highly efficient whilst SEAAS meet the parents, work with Community staff and challenge poor attendance.

Our SEAAS worker is a dynamic and self motivating worker. She packs more into two days than we could have done ourselves in a week. She does not shy away from difficult parents and continually works to move our attendance forward. Our attendance has now moved forward and we have high hopes for the future.”

Craig Hallam

Principal of the Tudor Community, Westlands School

“Chadwell Heath Academy has been working with SEAAS for three years. In that time we have built an excellent working partnership. What has made this partnership work so well is our shared philosophy; attendance and attainment are very closely linked, improve one and the other follows. SEAAS provide a tenacious, proactive and cost effective approach to tackling attendance and punctuality issues.

They have been very effective in engaging with hard to reach families and in taking proactive action with pupils who may slip into poor attendance. Our Attendance Officer is a visible presence when in school. She liaises well with pupils, staff and SMT. Our attendance officer is very knowledgeable regarding all matters on attendance and is always contactable on her mobile phone. I am in no doubt that our Attendance Officer plays a significant role in helping to maintain our excellent attendance and punctuality figures, currently 96% years 7-11 and 96% years 12-13.”

Adam Rumble

Deputy Headteacher, Chadwell Heath Academy

“Working in collaboration with SEAAS has enabled the school to develop consistent and effective attendance procedures. Rigorous tracking and monitoring including fast track meetings with the involvement of Governors, school leaders and parents, combined with weekly meetings with our Heads of Year and school attendance team have yielded significant results. A worthy investment and a pleasure to work with.”

Stuart Bryce,

Deputy Headteacher, Erith School

“At Erith School we pride ourselves on working as a team with students, parents and school integral parts. The support that we receive from Denise Percival and her colleagues at SEAAS for our “Fast Track” attendance programme has proved invaluable and added to the effectiveness of the team effort.”

Gary Hyde

School Governor, Erith School

“Working with SEAAS has made a positive impact on our attendance.  Parents and students are able to discuss matters directly with an on-site Attendance Manager and a member of the SEAAS team to resolve any issues.

The professionalism and vast knowledge of SEAAS in all matters to do with attendance is an invaluable resource.
We value the collaborative approach and the co-ordination with outside agencies.”

Andrea Pascali

Inclusion Coordinator, Kingsmead School, Enfield

‘Bexleyheath Academy has worked with SEAAS for a number of years now engaging their expertise to help continue to drive our overall attendance but perhaps more importantly, to support us to re-engage and tackle those hard to reach and persistent absentees who not only affect the whole Academy statistics but are often in danger of becoming lost to education and ultimately of becoming NEETs.

By securing the services and support of SEAAS, we have tackled this small cohort of students and their families in a supportive, professional but explicitly clear manner which in turn has led to a year-on-year decrease in our PA figures whilst the 7-11 overall attendance has continued to rise.

SEAAS prepare all the necessary legal paperwork for penalty notices and to hand over to the EWS for pre-prosecution cases whilst also actually conduct one of the best methods of getting those hard to reach students back into the Academy; knocking on doors!
We have built an excellent working partnership with SEAAS over a fairly lengthy period of time now and have, despite an extremely tight budget, found the necessary funding to re-engage them for another two year period. The fact that we have been prepared to do this despite these challenges is indicative of the quality and value we believe this partnership continues to bring to this key area of performance.

I would strongly recommend fellow senior leaders give serious consideration to employing SEASS to work alongside them as they will without doubt help to drive and support improvement in this key area.’

Carl Wakefield

Principal, Bexleyheath Academy

“Attendance has improved significantly since the academy was established. At the time of the inspection it showed a 10% increase and was above the 2012/13 national average. The rate of fixed-term exclusions has fallen. The attendance and behaviour of students working off site or in alternative units but still registered with the academy are carefully monitored and well supported.”

Bexleyheath Academy Ofsted Report – October 2013

Bexleyheath Academy

“SEAAS have provided my school with outstanding support over the last academic year. On our behalf SEAAS have taken robust action to challenge poor attendance resulting in strong improvement in pupils’ attendance.

Their weekly tracking and reporting is highly detailed and ensures the school maintains a good awareness of all aspects of SEAAS’ work. Our dedicated Adviser is very much part of the school team and is friendly and highly approachable. I would strongly recommend this service. “

Heidi Barton

Headteacher, Burnt Oak Primary School and Children's Centre – October 2016

“Welling School is a very large, mixed, outer London 11 – 18 secondary school with a broad intake of students, in terms of different local authority residency, socio-economic backgrounds and academic abilities. We have employed SEAAS as our educational welfare and attendance consultants since its creation.

Whilst the attendance of our students is good, this is in no small way due to the ability of our SEAAS consultant to engage sympathetically and seamlessly with colleagues and the systems that they operate. The attention given to every detail of each student’s case reflects the concern of our consultant that their well-being and life chances are paramount, and this mirrors the ethos of our school.

The proactive SEAAS philosophy is evident throughout the work of our consultant, who engages with senior colleagues and students to intervene and address problems at the earliest sign, and to advise senior colleagues in order to make further improvements. I am pleased to endorse the service that SEAAS provides.”

Mrs Diane Khanna

Headteacher, Welling School

‘Attendance has improved year-on-year and is now average as a result of tailored support provided by staff, in partnership with other agencies, for students and their families. The proportion of students persistently absent is falling’.

Ofsted - February 2013

Welling School

‘The school attendance procedures have been significantly improved since SEAAS joined the school. Their professional and relentless pursuit of all attendance issues mean that we now have clear systems in place and robust procedures that are effective. I would highly recommend this service to other schools.’

Miss Amanda Lavelle

Headteacher , Orchard Primary School Sidcup Kent

‘Effective strategies are in place to ensure regular attendance. The school’s attendance advisory officer has established a warm working relationship with parents, and has built up trust with parents whose children had previously experienced high levels of persistent absence’

Ofsted - March 2018

Orchard Primary School Sidcup Kent

“Attendance and attainment are very closely linked and Gravel Hill Primary School are concerned that all pupils should reach their full potential.

Regular and punctual school attendance allows teachers the opportunity to ensure that this happens.  SEAAS provides Gravel Hill Primary School with a consistent, reliable and very effective attendance advisory service, dealing with attendance issues from the Reception Class to Year 6.

However, what we have found to be the biggest bonus, is that SEAAS have taken full responsibility for attendance issues, keeping our Head Teacher fully appraised of what is happening, but saving her an enormous amount of time and administration, so that she can concentrate on education and attainment within the school.”

Mr Cliff Mullins

Vice-Chair of Governors, Gravel Hill Primary School, Bexleyheath, Kent.

“Attendance is consistently above average due to robust monitoring systems, which involve parents at every step, and to clear rewards and sanctions.”

Ofsted Inspection Report

21 - 22 January 2014, Gravel Hill Primary School, Bexleyheath, Kent.

“I use SEAAS because attendance issues were becoming more and more time consuming in my school and yet we weren’t seeing a big enough impact on attendance figures. Since engaging SEAAS I’ve largely taken a back seat yet attendance has improved from an average of 92% annually to 96% annually.

The service provides timely and effective guidance for parents, with a clear understanding that procedures will be elevated if improvements are not seen. We have been fully supported through Fast Track, Penalty Notice systems, introduced ‘fines’ for holidays in term time and the legal process.

In these times of increased scrutiny of attendance figures by OFSTED can you afford not to use SEAAS?”

Seriously effective support in raising attendance figures
Expert guidance through Fast Track and Penalty Notice systems
Advice to parents – implicit in the process
A chance for busy Heads to hand over the reins
Success guaranteed!

Susan Manzi

Head Teacher , East Wickham Infant Academy School.

“Attendance issues at Barrington have always been down to a few difficult cases that have taken up a disproportionate amount of school time. The introduction of SEAAS has resulted in a significant improvement in these cases and contributed to our outstanding judgement for attendance.

Their professional approach and step by step interventions have ensured that the vast majority of pupils now have 100% attendance and can benefit fully from their time at school. I would not hesitate in recommending their services to any school wishing to impact upon their attendance figures.”

Jacquie Keelan

Headteacher, Barrington Primary School

‘Despite using a range of strategies, both carrot and stick, the school has battled to improve attendance for 6 years. Since SEAAS joined the team 10 months ago, we are now in line with the national average. A friendly, reliable service which has impacted powerfully to raise attendance. A service to invest in!’

Liz McIntosh

Head Teacher , Poverest Primary School, Orpington Kent

“Pupils’ attendance is now in line with the national average. Attendance and punctuality have improved steadily in recent times following more stringent procedures put in place to tackle unauthorised absence and to reward better attendance.“

An extract from the OFSTED Report

17-18 January 2013 , Poverest Primary School, Orpington Kent